Skip Bin Hire - FAQs

Some of the most frequently asked questions are below. Before booking your bin, read through them carefully as you might find some very useful information. If you are still unsure, please contact us so we can help you directly with your enquiry.

The size of the bin depands on the size of the job. We have suggested a few common jobs and the most common bin sizes below.

Remember this is just an guide, you will need to consider the size of your waste pile.

Measure its length, width and height and multiply together to find the cubic mesure. For e.g 3.0m length x 1.5m width x 0.8m height = 3.6m3 which means you will need a 4 cubic metre bin.

This all depends on the waste type you have, our guidlines will let you know what you can put in the bin. If you are unsure, contact us either via our online chat on the right of the page, or by email, or contact form. We are quick to respond to any queries!

It is very important that you do not place and transport restricted, toxic or hazardous waste. This includes wet paints, chemicals, pesticides and herbicides and any other toxic or chemical waste.

Other items include dangerous goods, asbestos, batteries that contain liquid, putrescible waste or any liquids.

The website does not service asbestos at the moment but will in the future. If you require asbestos removal, please contact us and we will try to find you a quote.

Do not place any tyres or matresses without asking the supplier that you have booked with first. These will require a different disposal method and will need to be flagged with the supplier.

Depending on the waste type you have selected for the bin you will find in the guidlines specific items that you can and can't put in the bin. Please refer to them prior to booking. If you are unsure, contact us either via our online chat on the right of the page, or by email, or contact form. We are quick to respond to any queries!

If you have already booked and find out that you have selected the wrong waste type contact us as soon as possible. Modifying the booking will mean that you will pay the difference if the bin or waste type hire fee is more than what you have been charged.

To cancel the booking, please see below under 'Can i cancel my booking?'

Not a problem - the supplier will weigh the bin after pickup and if you are over the limit will charge you the extra weight costs.

Use the form on our home page to fill in your bin needs, enter your postcode for delivery, select the bin size, select the waste type you are putting in the bin and select the dates you would like the bin delivered and collected.

Our advanced search engine will search all our suppliers to find you the lowest price.

Click the book it now button and fill in all your personal, delivery and payment details and hit submit.

That is it, you are done. See, too easy!

We accept only Visa and Mastercard. In the near future we will be looking at other payment methods including EFT and other card types.

We are extremely busy most days so just to be safe you should book 2 days in advance. We suggest if you find a bin for a certain day at a certain price, please dont delay in booking it!

Yes, our same day cutoff is 11AM.

Remember not all suppliers allow for this so you might not always find a quote. It's best to book the day before.

Although most of the time our suppliers abide by our customer's request for delivery times, we of course cannot guarentee all bins be delivered at the time specified by the customer. Please allow for a window of 1 - 2 hours on either side of your specific request as there could be a delay in any previous deliveries. Likewise, on pickup, due to the demand and unforseen circumstances, some pickups may not occur on time. Please do not hesitate to give us a call to notify us of any bin that is yet to be taken away. is a new service and we are growing everyday. This message could mean that there are no Suppliers in your area or there are no available bins for your area.

We are working hard to make sure we are covering the whole of Australia so make sure you check back soon!

With many of Australia's leading suppliers on board, we are working together to offer you the best prices for high quality service no matter what the job is.

We understand that time is precious and we understand the value of money and we are here to save you both! Which is why we created a 2 step approach to finding the lowest price and booking online instantly.

So don't waste your time search through all the skip bin supplier sites or giving them a call. We are here as the one place for all your skip bin needs think of us as the iSelect of skip bins.

Of course you can!

Our cancellation policy requires that you do so within the 24hrs after the booking and at least 2 days before the drop off date of the bin.

If you cancel in line with our policy you will be only charged the booking fee of 2%.

Any cancellation after the 24hrs you will be charged a cancellation fee of 15%.

Same day cancellations will incure a 100% cancellation fee.

On receipt of your refund, you will be refunded the whole amount minus any of the applicable fees above.

Anywhere on your property provided you have allowed enough room around the bin and access for the truck to come through.

Contact the supplier if you require to place the bin on council property as they might have a council permit for your area. If they dont, you will be required to get one from the council.

Bin on council property are not allowed to be placed where they may obstruct traffic or padestrians on the footpath. The supplier will be able to help if you are unsure.

As a guide the top rail of the bin would be the max level you can fill to. Anything above the rim of the bin will be considered as an overfilled bin and the supplier will have the right to refuse to collect the bin until the extra waste is removed by you.

As long as you like. The price includes hiring the bin for the total amount of days so there are no surprises! Try a different combination of days. Hiring a bin for 1-7 days will always have the same rate but 7+ days will differ.

When filling out the booking form there will be a section to fill in any special requests. Our suppliers will be sure to take note and contact you once the booking is confirmed if they need any more information.

Our suppliers are always changing their prices on a daily basis. In order to find the lowest daily rate, we strongly recommend you come back to the site. In the future we will be introducing a new feature to reward our customers and suppliers - stay tuned!

Got all the info? Great!

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